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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day in Review

A large-scale construction project is going on in Edmonton - the City is expanding its Light Rail Transit (LRT) lines. In order to protect some of the vegetation that neighbors the construction sites, the City has built plywood boxes around the trees. These boxes are functional, but sadly look coffin-like.  

So, a group of friends in Edmonton decided to get together and make art that would amp up the aesthetics of these function-over-form structures. I was honored to be included in this group.

The theme was Father's Day (#poppaart), and this is what I came up with:

acrylic on wood, 27"x48", Dad c.1975
The adventure of putting up unsolicited art was quite fun, and the look on my Dad's face when he saw his portrait hanging on a tree on Father's Day, was priceless.
Hopefully, nobody walks off with the picture... But it is the public domain, so I guess 'art getting jacked' is all part of the process.

 If someone does appropriate this portrait, I just hope they're nice to my Papa.
Dad on tree