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Monday, May 23, 2011

To Toronto!

I am happy to report from Toronto, where I am taking a portrait painting workshop. I hope to hone my craft, and get to know this city of trams, CN towers and old trees. Here's a snapshot of my workshop 'home' at the Academy of Realist Art on the corner of Dundas West and Pacific Avenue:

In the meantime, here are few samples of the recent portraits I've completed.

Ethan, 6x8, oil on wood

Sophie, 6x8, oil on wood

Marcus, 6x8" oil on wood

Elizabeth, 6x8, oil on wood

Juliette, 8x10" oil on wood

Jack, 8x10 oil on wood

Marcus, 8x10 oil on wood


  1. Anya! SO glad to hear that you are continuing to hone your craft...that's exciting. I love the one of Juliette. Her skin is glowing and the glint in the eyes makes you wonder what she's thinking. Enjoy your time away, Sister!

  2. Your works are SO BEAUTIFUL!
    EYES are REAL and LIGHT streaming through every FACE on your portraits.
    You are adorable artist!

    With much love,

  3. Hiya Anya! This is kevin from the NYC mudpile workshop @#$%& -I mean value study workshop! ( I don't think I can squeeze any more paint out of that lead white tube!!! help me someone!) Your paintings are super duper! I will kneel in awe before you, I promise, from now on in. Seriously - great works here - a lot of feeling in your portraits, I will check out the whole thing when I'm less liable to fall asleep at the keyboard!

    your pal, kevin

  4. Thanks everyone for the kind words! It really means a lot that you come to check out the blog!

    And Kevin "mudpile" workshop pal - I hope you've been working out, in preparation for opening lead white tubes all week long.

    See you soon!

  5. This looks so alive! You are an amazing artist, gifted I must say... Keep up the wonderful job!