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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Learning and Teaching

A couple of weeks ago I returned from NYC where I had the enormous pleasure of taking a drawing workshop with Will St. John, at the Grand Central Academy. The beautiful Shay sat in the same pose for 5 days, and we drew her portrait in tri-color.

Using Prismacolor Color-erase pencils: brown, terra cotta red, black, and Generals White (Chalk). Paper is Fabriano Artistico. I really loved the experience of drawing with color.

Here's a quick progression of the drawing:

I also just had the pleasure of teaching a portrait painting workshop at The Paint Spot , organized by the Society of Western Canadian Artists. Despite the summer heating things up in the workshop, we persevered and great portraits were made! Here's a snapshot of the work by student Clara Cheung:


  1. Beautiful! Just stunning! Your posts are such a delight to receive!