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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Busy Bee

It has been a wonderful and busy few weeks here in New York.

Throughout this creative time of plenty, I have taken the precious moments to stop and enjoy the view (the views around here have a certain sort of power on me). This one here is through a window outside my classroom door:

I also took a week-long intensive workshop at the Grand Central Academy, with Edward Minoff and Travis Schlatt. 
The workshop centered around sketching the portrait. We worked relatively quickly, with a new model every day over the 5 days, resulting in a portrait a day. Here are a few of my head studies (in varying states of 'doneness'). As you can see, speed is not my forte:

Upon returning to classes at the New York Academy, I tried to apply some of the lessons Ted and Travis shared with us during their workshop. Namely, when trying to quickly capture the likeness of a face it is imperative to first follow the head's gesture (no matter how subtle) and then find the 'middle' of the head, for measuring purposes. They also work on a neutral gray toned paper/canvas, which is a helpful way to work quickly on a portrait sketch. Neutral gray provides the necessary cool tones in the flesh, and acts as a balancing tool for the quick sketch.

So, here's my attempt at applying this newly acquired knowledge:

It is unfinished, yet again, but I felt much more confident in trying to work quickly.

With practice, I trust this confidence will grow. So, I'm warning those of you I call friends: you all better be ready to sit still as I try paint your wonderful faces;)

Thanks again for looking!

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