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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Back in the YEG Groove

Yesterday was officially one month since my return to Edmonton from NY, so today is a great day to break the blog 'silence' and say "hello".

Edmonton welcomed me back with open arms and glorious weather, and for that I'm very grateful. The adjustment has been a bit challenging and surreal, as NY really did feel like home. But seeing the faces of loved ones, and being able to spend time with good friends has certainly taken the edge off.

As I dove back into the 9-5 existence, I tried not to lose momentum that NY offered (although, this has not been an easy task).  One of the first items on the 'don't lose momentum' survival guide was to find a studio space. And I am happy to report that as of June 1, I am the proud renter of a tiny studio in Downtown Edmonton. Studio is likely too generous a term, seeing as it's actually an electrical closet and has no windows. But, one has to start somewhere... right? I'll be able to make a proper mess in my cozy closet work space, so I am definitely looking forward to that.

Currently, I have a few commissions that need my undivided attention, but in the meantime here are a few more NY pieces that I was slow to post (apologies for the iPhone quality of these images):

 "Self-Portrait", graphite, on sketchbook paper. This was done very quickly, looking in a tiny mirror, and as you can see I was very tired.

And speaking of 'tired'...

 Sleepy, graphite on paper

Grumpy, graphite on paper 

Erin, oil on toned paper (sketchy, not finished)

And last, but not least, here's the 'as finished as it will ever get to be' drawing of George and painting of Erin (the start and progress of both of these portraits I had posted in a previous blog entry)

George, graphite on paper
Erin, oil on board

Thanks for looking!



  1. Hi Tanya! Long time - great to see these works - I will be @ TnT in August @ GCA - you'd better be attending!



    1. Oh, man! I would love to join you. Alas, 'Class is full. Wait list closed.' :(
      But I shouldn't be greedy, and should give others a chance to experience the glory that is TnT.
      Hope our paths cross soon!

  2. Don't finish the sketchy one. Take a look at Horacio Torres - the AGA has a few in their collection, that they will never show (like much of their collection).

    1. Thank you, Anonymous! Excellent eye on the Horacio Torres reference. I just checked out his work here: http://www.ceciliadetorres.com/artists/enlarge/horacio_torres/225

      Very inspiring!

      I think it's time to break into the AGA Vault.